• Captive brass screw machining
    Captive brass screw machining
  • Milled brass insert with special profile
    Milled brass insert with special profile
  • Hydraulic brass socket
    Hydraulic brass socket
  • Stainless steel machined axe
    Stainless steel machined axe
  • Knurled blind steel rivet
    Knurled blind steel rivet
  • Brass insert with nickel surface for connectors
    Brass insert with nickel surface for connectors
  • Hexagonal self threading insert
    Hexagonal self threading insert
  • Threaded knurled spacer
    Threaded knurled spacer

Bar Turning and high precision engineering

Company Georges Thévenet was founded in Sallanches, Haute-Savoye in 1978 and is specialized in manufacturing bar turned and high precision engineering parts.

Manufacturing of tailor made machined parts from bar turning, middle sized and large series.

The company is equipped with a modern and performing machine park comprising 17 multispindle lathes and numerical lathes for turned parts from diameter 3 to 40 mm.

We machine of all kinds of materials  such as stainless steels, machining steels, special steels, brass, aluminum,…

The company was certified ISO 9001 Version 2015 more than 10 years ago. Its employees’ high commitment grants our customers best quality and service.

2 camera controlled machines take care of checking 100% of specific characteristics on your machined parts.

Thanks to its skilled team, its know how about metal alloys, its innovative and performing machine park, as well as its experience in operating them well, company Georges Thévenet is able to  comply with all your enquiries concerning prices, quality insurance issues as well as deadlines.

The company is located near the Mont Blanc and we feel very much concerned by environmental issues.


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