Mittlere und große Serien, ab 1000 Stück

machined part small diameterMachined part in small diameter: from diameter 3 mm to diameter 40 mm

Company THEVENET GEORGES works for various industrial sectors requiring turned parts such as automotive sector, connectors, transportations, construction, defense, plastic industry, cutting and deep drawing industries,…

We are used to machining all kinds of materials: Stainless steels, bar turning steels, special steels, brass, nickel silver, aluminum.

We are equipped with machines that are able to machine tailor made parts for you: multispindle lathes, CNC lathes, transfer machines and reworking machines. We are equipped to machine small diameters.

We are specialized in medium and large sized series.

In addition, we offer complementary services such as 100% control on sorting machines, surface treatment, heat treatment and many other.

Send us your request for screw machined parts.


Machining and high precision Bar turning, all materials

brass rod turned part

Axe and rod

Machining of stainless steel, brass,…

self -threading insert


Self threading insert, brass insert, stainless steel insert, …

stainless steel cone turning

Cone, truck center plate, bowl

All materials, many options

brass screw machining


Hexagonal screw, valve screw, roamed screw….

wheel spacer machining

Spacer machining, steel, stainless steel, …

Wheel spacer, shouldered spacer, knurled spacer, threaded spacer, …

knurled ring machining

Ring, corps, Bague, corps, fitting, washer

Knurled parts with internal thread, shouldered turned parts. Stainless steel, brass, aluminium machining…

knurled rivet turning

Rivet, pawn and threaded tail

Conical, flat head, blind, open,…
Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass turned parts, a wide offer.

Turned knurled brass nut, brass machining

Nut & Nozzle

Brass, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, … our machined nuts and nozzle are custom-made.

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