Our bar turning company supplies various types of parts made from steel, aluminium or brass.

Purchasing managers searching for reliable and capable partners mastering manufacturing of spacers and inserts appreciate our manufacturing know how for turned fasteners, enabling optimization of overmolding, crimping and riveting processes.


A turned fastener parts subcontractor for industrial applications in medium and large sized batches

Our fastener turning company regularly produces turned fasteners for automotive and connector industries, both high quality and lead time demanding fields of industry .

Our  Know How about bar turning of steel, aluminium, brass and stainless steel as well as our modern machine park enable us to produce fastener parts in middle sized batches (1000 – 5000 pcs) as well as large sized batches (5000 – 1 000 000 pcs).

Quality of our produced spacers and inserts is controlled internally in order to meet our various industrial customers’ requirements.

Purchasing managers of automotive and connector fields regularly work with us because they appreciate our know how in producing steel fasteners for hybrid components.

right knurled spacer machining

Turned fastener solutions production in all materials in order to develop innovative solutions

We do not only offer standard fasteners but also all our know how in order to codevelop innovative solutions for tailor made fasteners.

We produce a wide variety of industrial fasteners such as various inserts with specific finishes.

Examples of often produced inserts in our workshops:

  • Bar turned ultrasonic inserts from brass and stainless steel, for assembly in thermoplastics
  •  CNC turning of press inserts from brass and aluminum, for thermoplastics, inserts – headless or not,
  • Turned stainless steel inserts for amorphous plastics, with rounded knurling
  • Special brass insert machining for hard plastics
  • Self threading insert machining for thermoplastics and thermosetting,
  • Crimp insert machining
  • Crimp stud machining
  • Rivet turning
  • etc…

Insert machining for overmolding in plastic materials

Our plant produces inserts for overmolding enabling high fastener resistance as well as hidden time assembly of plastic and metal parts.

Our insert manufacture for overmolding regularly supplies the automotive and plastic producing industries.

Examples of inserts for overmolding often produced in our workshops:

  • Blind insert turning from brass, for overmolding
  • Threaded brass insert for overmolding
  • Nut machining for overmolding in plastic, hexagonal nut, zinc surface,
  • CNC machining of threaded blind inserts out of brass for overmolding
  • Blind insert machining, for overmolding
  • DIN Insert machining for overmolding

Our workshop is at your disposal to produce custom turned inserts upon specification – tailor made overmolded fastener solutions meeting your overmolding requirements.

You are looking for an industrial fastener manufacturer specialized in parts for overmolding applications? Contact  +33/ 4 50 58 25 01 or use our Contact sheet.

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