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Our bar turning company is subcontractor for various turned parts made from aluminium, special steels, stainless steels or other steels. We have a good relationship with purchasing managers for railway parts and specially turned parts for rolling stock and railway components.

A machining subcontractor for specific railway applications

Our workshop regularly produces turned parts for the railway industry, industrial field that requires a very high resistance for machined parts because of its demanding environment.

Purchasing managers seeking spare parts or (sub) assembly parts for rolling stock and railway applications regularly contact us because of our know how.

Our modern machine park as well as our team’s well admitted know how enable us to proudly sign as a reliable partner to machine railway parts.

A turned fastener parts subcontractor for fastener applications in medium and large sized batches for railway industries

All our turned parts meet special railway industry’s quality requirements.

All our machined aluminium, steel, or stainless steel parts meet requirements of NFF 04005, NFF 03004, NFF 03006 standards.

We are specialized in machining turned parts for the railway industry and will happily quote your enquiries and drawings for fasteners in this field.

Some of our latest produced parts for railway industries:

  • Turned screw with groove, NFF 03004 standard, stainless steel,
  • Machined screw fastener, NF 03006 standard,
  • Turned screw with groove, TC variety, NFF 04005 standard,…
  • Machined brass cover plate CW614N,
  • Turned double nipple from XC38 Steel,
  • Machined spacers made from S300,
  • Turned fastener components made from stainless steel.

Surface treatment solutions for railway industries:

We not only turn parts but also deliver fully finished parts for the railway sector. Each component will be coated upon specification. We offer atmospheric surface treatments  and vacuum heat treatments. Some of the various heat treatments we may supply for the railway industry:

  • Annealing :
    Limits and eliminates strains on metal material used in railway applications
  • Tinning :
    Tinning of turned parts enables soldering on aluminium, copper or ferrous materials.


Ask us for all our surface treatment solutions on turned parts for the railway industry.

Specialized on subcontracting railway parts

Our know how in subcontracting turned industrial parts in middle sized and large batches makes us a valued and trustworthy partner for industrial railway subcontracting.

We guarantee quality and lead times on standard as well as specific parts for the railway industry.

If you are looking for a subcontractor for machined parts for the railway industry or turned fasteners for rolling stock, please contact us at 04 50 58 25 01 or fill in our Contact sheet.

Our team will be happy to quote your turned parts’ enquiries.

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